Monday, May 10, 2010

Audio (Films Discussion) + Blogs

What a nice way to discuss films...calm and cool talk. Anne Thompson is a 'big' one on the film circuit.

Anne Thompson does more than just break news; she provides an insider's clear-eyed analysis of a business that defines culture at home and abroad.

Here's another guy who would be interesting to read, if you are not aware about him - Todd McCarthy. A legendary film critic (who also made a famous documentary on cinematographers - Visions of Light; the film was a strong recommendation at CFS.) 

He was the center of news some time back since he was asked to leave Variety, where he had served for years. He was famous for, what Mr. Taran Adarsh and that other genius, Komal Nahata do in Bollywood - predict BO performance, what kind of an audience the film was likely to reach, besides his own evaluation; Todd would typically be the 1st guy to review a film in USA and he is a very respected film journalist. (Ebert was so angry that he commented - I shall never read Variety again.)

His sacking and of some others in the past shows the reality of our times - print is dying, and Web doesn't pay.

Great to know though that Todd is back with a blog:

Ebert is terrific as ever (his journal is some thing:)

Check out his latest one, which can overwhelm:

And just for the record, here's the mother of all blogs when it comes to film study / analysis. As per Ebert, he is the finest film writer in the country:

When you read such blogs you realize how deep is the passion of these buggers for films and how much effort they put to express themselves and share their dope on cinema. 

If ever you want to delve into deeper levels of film, keep checking these out and...more!

All the best...

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