Friday, October 31, 2008

Films: Watch what I watched

Gulp - 7 mins

By Jason Reitman
He is the guy who made Juno. At least in this country, you can track
almost every 'acclaimed' director by his short flicks. They tend to be
what they call, 'calling card' (dvd resume kind of), makes
sense - to do good short films and showcase your talent.

Inja (Dog) - 17 mins

This film is considered 'difficult' to watch as it has some scenes of
cruelty against a pup. This one was nominated for Oscar 2003 (short

The Black Rider (10 mins)

Won Academy Award in 1994. Bhumika, Debo and I watched it at our Film
Appreciation course.

Am sure now....all the great short films would be online! You don't need to
join a film school in usa to watch 'em!!

They are all must-watch (oh let me search for that great
French flick i saw the other day, which you should see first!); of
course you should have the time and inclination and sure you will need
good connnectivity to watch 'em...maybe for many offices will work
better than homes ;-)

I'll Wait for the Next One - 4 mins

Watch it 1st!